25 December 2007

The Gift of Laughter

Cyanide and Happiness is just what it sounds like: cynicism made funny--

Red VS Blue is best known for their movies made with video game footage--

White Ninja is pure randomness perfected--

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is a daily comic that may be the reason RSS Feeders were invented--

Here's a bonus SMBC comic--

Penny Arcade chronicles the life of two men who built an empire around playing video games too often--

VG Cats prove that cat's are, in fact, valuable--

Dinosaur Comics prove literature is funny--

And a bonus Dinosaur Comic--

17 December 2007

Meet the OCMCO

and here i thought i was going to take a break from posting until after the holidays…

OCMCO stands for Orange County Mormon Choral Organization. It's a brand new choir that just had it’s inaugural concert on December 12th at the Orange County Performing Arts Center.

According to the blogger known only as "Max Power," a member of the choir, it was a magnificent show. Posting the night of the concert, Max describes the experience in glowing terms and even speaks of a personal miracle he attributes to his participation in the event.

But not all is well in the choir, it would seem, as an individual known only as the choir’s “Web Publicist” has discovered that Max is a homosexual* and asked him to remove his post so it wouldn’t show up in any Google searches for the choir!

"[T]his is not the kind of publicity we need as a young organization trying to benefit the Church and its music," said the Web Publicist in an email.

Max released a statement detailing the distasteful and offensive nature of the request he believes was made only because he is a homosexual. In a statement released earlier today Max writes incredulously, “Have you read my blog? Have you seen any of the posts where I talk about sticking with my core beliefs and values, in spite of my sexual orientation… Why do you think that an admission of incredible faith (faith to the level that it causes me to shun the most core and natural feelings that my body generates) about the church is bad?”

He continues, “I would say that I don't understand, but I do. The general membership of the church doesn't actually belive what they talk about every Sunday. They don't believe in unconditional love. The don't believe in imperfections. They don't believe in caring for those who are different than they are. They don't believe in the Atonement. They don't actually believe what Jesus taught, even though they can lay claim to greater knowledge of His teachings than any other Christian church out there.”

Whether or not the actions of the choir reflect on the general membership of the church is unclear. Max’s statement is, however, as scathing a critique of a choral organization as this observer has ever read.

If you’d like you can deliver your own scathing critique of OCMCO you may do so at the following link:

Contact the Choir

*It's true, OCMCOs. Like millions of Americans, Max suffers from Chronic Gay.


good tune (but not a choral piece)

08 December 2007

Love / Valor / Compassion

to those posts that sit unpublished because the blogger can't quite perfect it I humbly suggest we surrender

I’ve been spending some time trying to perfect a post about the necessity of gay relationships for gay men. The basic premise was the gayer the man the more necessary the gay relationship. The inverse was also true. The straighter the man the more necessary the straight relationship.

It was getting too long for one post but not quite long enough for two posts. I tried to trim it but every paragraph seemed necessary.

Then it struck me. I didn’t need any fancy arguments at all. Just a premise that played off the basic, ingrained human experience we all know so well.

Love and Companionship are critically necessary experiences for all men.*

Love and Companionship are two things that can't be replaced by anything. Or rather, nothing is a true substitute.

Neither casual acquaintances, nor home teaching, nor Straight Boot Camp, nor Legos™ will ever truly substitute that basic human requirement.

For men only Love and Companionship will do.

*Lesbians should swap each occurrence of "men" with "women." At least, that's what they usually do.


good tune