20 October 2008

That Email

hey, L. havin' any luck keepin' me off northern lights?

You know that email. The one forwarded to you by every family member you’ve ever heard of and their podiatrist. The one titled “Six Consequences the Coalition Has Identified if Proposition 8 Fails.” It seeks to provide logical reasons why no sane person would allow for gay marriage.

Today wasn’t Christmas but I did awake today to find the internet had brought me the best gift I’d received in years: a rebuttal to “Six Consequences” written by a BYU Law School professor. This isn’t your average rebuttal. This is a rebuttal so razor-sharp it will slice the very air molecules between your eyes and the screen.

You can read it here.

I’ve always held to this tenant: You can believe what ever you want but your arguments need a rock-solid foundation. If I see foundational weakness I’ll tear it down. Or, as that PDF demonstrates, a BYU professor will do it for me.

I realize*, of course, there are other arguments than the six presented in that email. I only wish to point out the inherent fragility of the arguments used in this campaign. Arguments built on fear, exaggerated consequence, and flat-out fabrication.

And this isn’t just a weak foundation! The whole structure built upon it is thin and wafer-like. It’s an entire house built out of frickin’ graham crackers.

*In civilized society a learned person will use the “z” (or “zed” to the heathen) if the need to be taken seriously should arise.


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18 October 2008

Good, Honorable Men

because shifting my IP address is simple, really

Mark over at Northern Lights had this to say:

"In an early post [on cranieum's blog] he describes his video game addiction history and his committment to his young family. Sometimes it’s just good to know that non-ssa guys struggle with unhealthy addictions but have the same desires to be good, honorable men."

Addiction? Hurumph!

Is it addiction to be loved by someone you actually love in return? Not platonic, not brotherly, not familial. Actual Love loving.

Is it addiction to be kissed by someone you actually enjoy kissing? Not a peck on the cheek or a brush of the lips. Actual Kiss kissing.

Is it addiction to sit next to someone you fully appreciate? Not thanks-for-toughing-this-out-for-eternity closeness or please-help-me-control-my-inconsolable-sobbing closeness. Actual Cuddle closeness.

And while we're on the subject of sobbing... wouldn't it be nice if sex didn't end that way?

I'm sure your spouse would appreciate it.


good video