12 February 2009

Why You Will Lose – part two

- a three part series by playasinmar -

part two – For the Love of Nerds

It doesn’t take a creative person to sit in front of a computer and pound out C#. It takes a creative person to pretend to like programming but programming itself is 99% mindless busy work.*

Are you familiar with the traditional nerd (from the Latin battlus starus galacticus)? The thick glasses, inept social skills, dresses like Stephen Speilburg, and hair like Bill Gates type of nerd is real. Very, very real.

These people are easily the smartest among us and yet the most difficult to be around voluntarily.

Ask your self why their employers went to bat for them in the fight against Prop 8.
Ask yourself why these tech firms already have policies in place to extend medical coverage to the partners of gay employees.
Ask yourself why, exactly, in a world full of heterosexual tech graduates they would try so hard to retain the small number of gay ones.

And ask yourself what, precisely, straight communities have to fear from regular gays if Apple has already learned to love gay nerds.

*Alas, poor Chedner.


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