29 April 2009

Why You Will Lose - part three

- a three part series by playasinmar -

Part Three - Breeding

Let's pretend you can stop us from marrying forever. All the things you whine on and on about (they need a mommy and a daddy, for example) would still be trumped by the fact that all kids need a family. Certainly this applies to foster kids.

But gays cAN't have kids on their own! They want the ones we straights are disCaRDing!! tHen thEY can indoctrinate future generatiONs with lies about how normALl gay folks are!!! they musT be stopped FRom adopting!!!1!

Indeed, some states have done just that. In doing so they have secured their futures and the futures of all children everywhere. No gay families equals no gay recruiting, no gay support, and no gay tolerance. Problem solved, right?

However, in their frothy denunciations they have overlooked the loophole: Gays are breeding.

Its true. The government can take away all sorts of rights from its gay citizenry but it can't take away their ability to have sex. Sorry, straight bigots, but you can't do that.

So gays are generating their own children one way or another. Surrogacy, in vitro fertilization, and saki make babies happen regardless of orientation. Not that it happens without effort. The family you want to build is always happier than the family a torn prophylactic built. Maybe that alone is why kids in gay families love their gay parents.

So go ahead and keep discarding your precious progeny, straight bigots. And if you think gays don't deserve a shot to care for the children you treat like refuse, fine. The gays and their families aren't going anywhere.

And honestly, some of us are getting real tired of asking for your permission to exist.*

*I believe in the basic human right to start any and all sentences with "and" if one so chooses.


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