15 May 2009


a very poor acronym

Let's face it: Gay Mormons have to put up with two of the worst acronyms ever coined.

The Church would have us believe we suffer from Same-Sex Attraction or "SSA." This gives us a good example of how something very trite can be very true: SSA is ASS backwards.*

Another unfortunate concept you may have noticed is Mixed-Orientation Marriage or "MOM." the oedipal implications of a gay man saying, "I am in a MOM," are staggering.

Perhaps it would be better for individuals in such marriages to admit to being in a Mixed Orientation Partnership. I think MOP (pronounced "mope") would be the most accurate title for those poor, unfortunate souls.

*Too many colons?


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A Gay Mormon Boy said...

Agreed. I don't like these acronyms. I'd also like to add MoHo to the list. It's too much like 'Homo.'