31 March 2009

Its Finally Happened

After ascending Rameumptom to declare his superiority. After that trip to Guatemala. After dating AtP. After singing with and defending the OCMCO (Orange County Mormon Choral Organization).

After all those years of hemin' and hawin' about what it takes to be happy...

...Max has a boyfriend. And they live together!!

This is great! This is such good timing; the news comes only days after I identified his need for companionship. Now I have further evidence supporting my All-it-Takes-to-be-Happy-is-Submitting-to-Happiness™* theory.

Congratulations, Max. I hope you and Whoever-He-Is spend the rest of your lives sharing warm, sexy nights together! :)

P.S. Does anyone know who the mystery boyfriend is? My guess would be the blogger Issacson based on those steamy Guatemala pics. Does anyone else care to venture a guess?

*Per playasinmar stylebook instructions, the All-it-Takes-to-be-Happy-is-Submitting-to-Happiness™ theory can be abbreviated in all caps as AITTBHISTH.


good video

12 March 2009


i've solved all your problems - don't freak out


The following bloggers desperately need a boyfriend*:

John Galt

So if you know one of these poor souls (and you’re single) do the world a favor and hook one of these guys up.

*Which is to say a we-have-so-much-in-common, I-am-able-to-express-love-for-you-naturally, and I-don't-cry-after-having-sex-with-you boyfriend.


good video