27 September 2007


i believe it was William Randolph Hearst who first coined the word "penorz." while attending a state dinner at the white house he was overheard remarking to the First Lady, "What's with all the penorz at this shindig? It's like a sausage party in here." it was at the same event where William Randolph Hearst first coined the term "sausage party."
Once again, a ridiculous issue has come up in the Bloggernacle.
This time the issue is the effect certain blog authors use of imagery (specifically the use of male imagery) and the arousing effect it has on certain readers. It would seem that these certain readers are finding it hard to focus on the non-erotic subject matter of a blog if there's a picture of a male human (Homo Erectus) anywhere in the post.
I emphatically declare that it is not the responsibility of a blog author to make sure their readers aren’t touching themselves inappropriately.
If you’re finding this hard to grasp I’ll make it simple: Blog authors are not responsible for your uncontrollable masturbating. Honestly, the blog authors are tired of being blamed for your uncontrollable masturbating. *
I feel the need to rise up and point out that there are penorz everywhere. Every guy you run into daily has a penorz, every guy you chat with online has a penorz, every blog picture of a guy has a penorz, and if you’re visiting this blog you probably** have a penorz below your very own navel.
And as for the demands of certain readers to cease the use of male imagery... If you can't handle it by yourself, and you can't find someone to handle it for you, don't come to me expecting I'll handle it for you. That's just gross.
*Please do keep posting about uncontrollable masturbating on your own blogs. It's your space, after all. Do with it as you see fit.

**I said “probably,” Samantha.

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20 September 2007

Hotels and Projections

you can check in but you can never leave

There are many roads that lead to homosexuality. There are at least as many ways to get here as there are ways to deal with having arrived. “Infinite” would be my best estimate.

One of the ways to deal with being here is straight-marriage.

I think it’s a foolish thing for me to assume I can remain emotionally attached to a spouse (attached to the level that a good husband must be) because I’m gay. My wife may well be the most Christ-centered, understanding, and empathetic person ever born but how dare I put those amazing qualities to the test every single day of your lives. What has she done to deserve that kind of stress?

Did you catch that? I said, “for me.”

It does work for some. Not everyone, mind you, but it does work for some. I think we, as bloggers, have a tendency to believe everything about ourselves applies to everyone around us.

Rather than be Defenders of Our Choices we become Projectionists; we assume what works for us works for others and what hurts us hurts others.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing.* It would be unfortunate to confuse our situations with the ideas of those around us. Although it is slightly ridiculous to think that could ever truly happen.

I guess what it boils down to is this: maybe we should take a breath before attacking one another for suggesting to us what we wouldn't suggest to ourselves.

*Which is just fine as it can’t really be helped. Human nature and all that jazz.


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14 September 2007

Why I Fight - part one

first of all

There are too many ehugs and not enough discussion.

Sometimes a blogger, a friend, is feeling down and they need your support. Ehugs are not support. Get up off your butt and go to them, or call them, or message them personally.* Leaving an ehug where everyone else who reads the blog can read it and think, “Wow, what a wonderful friend he must be,” is lazy and self-serving.

The topics frequently broached topics in the blogernacle…

The worth of souls
The myth of celibacy
The option to straight-marry
Homosexuals’ place in the Plan of Salvation

…are weighty, weighty issues. They should be given a proper look. We owe it to ourselves to do so.

After all, if we don't take our concerns seriously, who will?

*That goes double for whenever a blogger is posting about suicide.


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05 September 2007

Spirit Prison

that’s pretty selfish, gays (jump to 2:10)

There's a basic concept of homosexuality that you may be overlooking: The Closet

At one point or another an openly gay man finds himself going back into the Closet. Usually (hopefully) it is only for a moment. A stranger makes a rude comment and you don't feel like defending all gay men everywhere so you let it slide.*

And you hate it.

You hate it because that brief moment back inside the Closet makes you remember when you were trapped there.

And you realize the further distant the Wretched Box of Self-Loathing is and the more open you become the happier and happier you are.

For surely, man was not meant to live trapped in deception.

I'm not, however, talking about you, dear homosexual. I’m talking about that other person. The one you put there. The one you shoved in the Closet.

As it turns out, the major principle of homosexuality that you may be overlooking is actually this: No One Man Leaves Unless Another Takes His Place.

Think of the first person you ever told. Let me guess. You swore them to secrecy, didn’t you? Are they still locked in? Are they still in the closet unable to leave because you still hold the key?

Have you become their jailer?

*You can read more about the concepts of "covering" and "passing" in this post.


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