27 September 2007


i believe it was William Randolph Hearst who first coined the word "penorz." while attending a state dinner at the white house he was overheard remarking to the First Lady, "What's with all the penorz at this shindig? It's like a sausage party in here." it was at the same event where William Randolph Hearst first coined the term "sausage party."
Once again, a ridiculous issue has come up in the Bloggernacle.
This time the issue is the effect certain blog authors use of imagery (specifically the use of male imagery) and the arousing effect it has on certain readers. It would seem that these certain readers are finding it hard to focus on the non-erotic subject matter of a blog if there's a picture of a male human (Homo Erectus) anywhere in the post.
I emphatically declare that it is not the responsibility of a blog author to make sure their readers aren’t touching themselves inappropriately.
If you’re finding this hard to grasp I’ll make it simple: Blog authors are not responsible for your uncontrollable masturbating. Honestly, the blog authors are tired of being blamed for your uncontrollable masturbating. *
I feel the need to rise up and point out that there are penorz everywhere. Every guy you run into daily has a penorz, every guy you chat with online has a penorz, every blog picture of a guy has a penorz, and if you’re visiting this blog you probably** have a penorz below your very own navel.
And as for the demands of certain readers to cease the use of male imagery... If you can't handle it by yourself, and you can't find someone to handle it for you, don't come to me expecting I'll handle it for you. That's just gross.
*Please do keep posting about uncontrollable masturbating on your own blogs. It's your space, after all. Do with it as you see fit.

**I said “probably,” Samantha.

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iwonder said...


MoHoHawaii said...

Maybe I'm just clueless, but I haven't noticed any inappropriate images on Moho blogs. The images I've seen have been as tame as what is seen in mainstream magazine advertisements.

Abelard Enigma said...

I can't believe it - I'm one of those accused of posting inappropriate homoerotic images on my blog - and I've never heard the word 'penorz' before.

Playa, how did you become such a man of the world living on the Wasatch Front?

playasinmar said...

Gads, Abelard. I'm not from the Wasatch Front!

Beck said...

Hey! Is someone knocking the Wasatch Front?

Tito said...

It's true that it's your blog and that you can post/write about whatever you want. I don't see anything problematic with -L-'s request, though. If you disagree, you have the right to simply decline and continue on posting as you want, but to be an ass and make a show out of a simple request is arrogant and immature. There must be better ways to make your point.

iwonder, for you to give an "amen" to an arrogant post like this, when you accuse Jason Lockhart of being an ass doesn't seem very consistent. Is it a matter of loyalty or ideology?

-L- said...

I'm sure you were just trying to be amusing, but I want to be sure the caricature isn't mistaken for the substance here. I never demanded anything, I never accused anyone, and I never attempted to blame others for my faults. I didn't ask for overall censorship, just for some accommodation from bloggers who know me and know that I read their blogs and enjoy learning from them and hearing their points of view. I've long considered many bloggers my friends, and friends are often willing to help friends like that.

Blogging is a great way to work through very private issues in a manner that would otherwise be impossible. Of course, the flip side of this is that discussing the faults and challenges that most people keep secret makes you vulnerable. Really, such vulnerability is why people hide in shame and spend so much time with self-hate and suicidal thoughts rather than opening up to the genuine friendship most people are waiting to extend to them. Seeing how you've responded to my very real struggles and my very real request for understanding and help reminds me why things aren't that simple.

Kengo Biddles said...

I read it as commentary on the "tempest in a teacup" that your post unleashed. I don't understand what the big hubbub's about anyway. Your request for understanding is reasonable, and everyone up in arms and defending or attacking the use of images because of your request is, frankly, blown entirely out of proportion.

playasinmar said...

Tito, you didn't see any problem with L's request. That's why you didn't post a rebuttal to it.

As for your suggestion to "simply decline" to participate... [sigh]. I'll brush aside yet another of your attempts to expel certain bloggers from this space.

Look, I don't usually compare blogs to prize fights but if L's post about showing skin was a muscular, well-toned, oiled, and tan Russian then my blog is the plucky American fighting to avenge his friend's death... and we all saw how it turned out.

He wrote something ridiculous and all I did was say, "Hey everyone, look!"

Oh, Tito. We love you! Please, never change.

Tito said...

playa, I didn't feel the need to comment on it (read: write a narcissistic and reactionary rebuttal) simply because I saw it for what it was, whether or not I felt others would/should conform. And this in the same way I haven't commented on similar feelings I've had about some of the photography used in certain posts. I read, I listen, and I ususally don't comment on private blogs. I take what I like; I leave what I don't. It's simply my style.

As for attempts to expel certain bloggers from this space... huh? Try again, amigo.

The problem is not in responding or sharing alternative views--it's your arrogant cynicism. You could have just as well shared your views in a way that was at least somewhat sensitive to the vulnerability that -L- was sharing.

So, you can be a friend or be an ass--neither of which require you either to comply with or rebut what he shared.

Dave said...


Abelard Enigma said...

Boys, play nice! Don't make me come out there.

Kalvin said...

I wish I had the libido to uncontrollably masturbate. And you know what. You are so trans insensitive. There are lots of guys without penises out there. A little more sensitivity, PLEASE.

Switch said...

"You could have just as well shared your views in a way that was at least somewhat sensitive to the vulnerability that -L- was sharing."


If you can easily condense a paragraph to say "You should all be ashamed of yourselves", it fits more into the 'condescending' category.

It's considered "less effective" to ask a favor from a person while rhetorically slapping them in the face.

Yet some seem surprised that others got offended. Interesting.

playasinmar said...

See, Tito? We love you!