09 April 2009

A Very Important Video

this is a video you cannot miss:

A Mormon housewife from California spends a month with a gay couple raising four children.

What will happen? View and discuss below.


good video


MoHoHawaii said...

I watched this a while ago. I found it very, very sad.

D-Train said...

Wow. Two things that this made me think of:

(1) It killed me that she kept saying that the couple was fighting against what she was fighting for. The irony was too much. Does she not realize that they are fighting for the same exact things? A strong family and a loving home?

(2) Mormon victimization. Mormons are the eternal victims, and this woman has a REALLY bad case of this. She can't realize that the family on this show has nothing against her beliefs and are not trying to take away any of her rights, but that she is working to destroy their family. Talk to any Mormon about Prop 8, and yep, they are the victims.

Even for a Mormon, the woman was embarrassing. I think really this could be used as a tool by the gay community to shed light on the bigotry that so many Mormons have towards gays.

Ezra said...

This video was hard to sit through, and it shows exactly how powerful the church is.

Even when faced with a family who she "respects" and is obviously performing well, and she see's the alternative of staying in foster care, passed around like a hot potato, and to STILL hold to the belief that these kids are being done some kind of dis-service--it's shocking.

Her argument was that she had the truth.

Christianity has reduced Christ to a footstool, to stand upon and look down on the world in self righteousness.

playasinmar said...

@ MoHoHawaii

It is pretty sad. And Frustrating.

@ D-Train

She's the victim in every interaction she has with gay people. No matter how calm and matter-of-fact they are she breaks down in frustrated tears.

Its as though she can't reconcile this new viewpoint she's clearly gaining with what she thinks she needs to say to be Mormon.

playasinmar said...

@ Ezra

How do we know they are "obviously performing well?"

The entire extended family of the boy they're raising tells her so!

Add to that the two adults who graduated the foster care system without a family and her reaction to what that its like and she's still unwilling to consider a gay couple might be the preferable option?!

playasinmar said...

And let's not forget this statement:

"Even more, the Church does not object to rights for same-sex couples regarding hospitalization and medical care, fair housing and employment rights, or probate rights, so long as these do not infringe on the integrity of the traditional family or the constitutional rights of churches."

She's a California Mormon and this is a statement about California gays!

The solid-as-a-rock church principle she thinks she's standing behind doesn't exist. She only has her own bigotry to cling to.