08 August 2007

You’re Win

calling all married folks. come in, married folks.

Over at Northern lights, FoxyJ confessed the astounding fact that she has never seen her husband pee. This is a result of a rule established early in the relationship that made the bathroom an “off-limits” area.

For her part, FoxyJ doesn’t believe not seeing her husband pee has not been a detriment to their marriage.

My question: How could this be a detriment to the their marriage or anyone else’s marriage?

This I understand: Seeing each other pee is a common marriage event caused by two people who share everything including a single bathroom.

This I don’t understand: Not seeing one’s spouse pee sometimes damages a relationship.

How can this situation damage a relationship? What kind of damage can this cause?*

If any of you know the answers (especially you married types) please feel free to comment below.

*Also, how many of you out there have rules about stuff like this?


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Mr. Fob said...

The damage comes when, years down the road, you discover that your spouse's pee is blue, revealing that he or she is, in fact, an alien spy sent to prepare the Earth for invasion. Few relationships recover from a revelation of this nature after so many years of deceit.

FoxyJ said...

I'm not sure if you're being facetious, but I was. Sarcasm is hard to read on the internet.

J G-W said...

Not only have I seen my husband pee, but we actually have light saber battles. (Well, pee saber battles, but we pretend they're light sabers.)

OK, sorry. Way TMI.

playasinmar said...


I'm being light-hearted with this post and I do understand the tone of your post.

That said, when you mentioned the "off-limits" area I thought it sounded like something married folks might actually do: establish off-limit zones and have rules about the bathroom.

In fact, if you really haven't seen your husband pee I would venture that you do, in fact, have such zones and rules established.

It's something I've never considered about The Married Life and it interests me.

playasinmar said...


A few months ago a friend of mine told me he had light-saber battles like that on the mission with his companions.

Until that point I had never even concieved of such a thing as an activity.

How odd that you would both refer to it as "light saber battles." Obviously the practice is more widespread then I ever imagined!

Chris said...

Jed sometimes tries to engage in "sword fights" with me. He has three brothers. I don't like it, but I go along.

Beck said...

I don't pee in front of my wife and I don't watch her "squat". It's an unwritten, very informal rule, one of mutual understanding, that often has been broken (especially when young kids come into the picture, open the door, walk up to me, look up at the stream and say "Daddy, whaccha doin'?)... it's a simple issue of personal privacy.

Switch said...

We'll pee with the door open.

#2 though, no. By mutual agreement.

But we don't live together, so maybe we don't count yet. :)

GeckoMan said...

JG-W, Okay, so does the loser get to clean up afterwards, or is this out in the woods somewhere?

Actually, pissing matches never did amount to much good... everyone usually gets wet, even if it is entertaining for the moment.

playasinmar said...

"...everyone usually gets wet, even if it is entertaining for the moment." -geckoman

Sounds like a water balloon fight.

GeckoMan said...

Aaahh, playasinmar, you knew I was speaking metaphorically (as usual), didn't you?

J G-W said...

Yikes, I never said anything about golden showers! Whaddya'll think we're into, anyway?

No, we keep our sword battles in the toilet, so everything is nice and tidy afterwards.

I can't believe I'm talkin' about pee sword fights on-line.

playasinmar said...

Married folks: weird.

Abelard Enigma said...

FWIW, I won't let my wife watch me pee. Another rule in the Abelard household is that I'm not allowed to use her scissors (specifically her sewing scissors; but, a lot of scissors look alike to me - so I just avoid them all if they aren't mine)

I can't believe I'm talkin' about pee sword fights on-line

Well, you are the one who brought it up :)

Married folks: weird.

Well, if you read my blog you'll know that I've come to the conclusion that girls are weird. So, I guess, when guys marry a girl, they take on some of their weirdness. (Although, this doesn't explain the pee saber battles between John and Göran)

playasinmar said...

Pee Saber™ battles are actually more widespread than I thought!

Remember my friend who said he did it on his mission with his companions?

Well today at work there were two customers talking about it happening at their office: the Salt Lake Tribune!

Is there a competitive, underground league for this?

Josh said...

What the hell are Pee Saber battles? I would ask someone to explain, but it seems like I might get a graphic description that I don't want.

Abelard Enigma said...

Is there a competitive, underground league for this?

Do the contestants get to come up with cool names, like they do in WWE?

Certain medications, and even foods, are known to alter the color of urine ... oh, the possibilities.

This could be even bigger in the national news media than the BYU fight clubs of a couple of years back. There could be book deals, movie endorsements, the whole nine yards.

playasinmar said...

Staring Angelina Jolie as Mistress Urea!


First rule of Piss Club: Please don't talk about Piss Club. Seriously, no one wants to hear about the club.


Any marketing students in the audience? Could one of you get a press packet going for this production?