26 August 2008

Headlines I Await

there’s one reason and one reason alone I read the paper and that’s to one day stumble across one of the following headlines:

Son of Orson Scott Card: I’m Gay!

Orange County Mormon Choral Organization to Perform at Gay Weddings

Local Newspaper Employee Forced to Hire Personal Copy Editor

Local Lesbians Spend One Day Unconcerned With Men

Ty Mansfield Arrested Soliciting Male Prostitute
Ty’s New Pal is Not Real Gal


good video


Chedner said...

New STD linked to online community.

BYU to enter first ever same-sex partnering in Blackpool Dance Festival.

Gay man to speak with squirrel president. War imminent.

Ty Ray said...

How noble of you.

playasinmar said...


Scot said...

Where have you been to have disappeared for months and then come out swinging and naming names like this? Locked up in some tiger cage in the basement of Evergreen headquarters?

Anyway, I've read that Mr. Card has many gay friends; I'm sure his gay son would be fine.

playasinmar said...

Can you imagine if you were his friend?

Smiling politely at dinner parties knowing what he thinks of you and your family...