05 March 2007

Sympathy for the Intolerant

but what’s puzzling you is the nature of my game

Imagine, if you will, the average American family. Dad works days at the Insurance Company. Mom works all day tending their three* children. Two kids attend college to become doctors. The youngest learns to invest real estate. As dad approaches retirement, mom becomes active in community politics.

Then comes a fateful Christmas holiday. The family gathers together . The grandchildren are happy to help bake cookies. Dad teases his only unmarried child, “You really ought to bring us grandbabies, one day.”

Finally, it happens, “Mom… Dad… I’m gay.”

Mom bursts into tears. Dad gets heated, “Are you sure? How can you know?”

It takes time but time does heal wounds. Mom always kinda suspected. Dad realizes he has always been proud of our young protagonist. Nothing changed about his child and that’s what the whole family finally realizes.

A while back I wrote that a gay man can never be accepted until society as a whole understands that there is nothing special about being a gay man. Any uniqueness or oddity is imagined by people who had to guess because they didn’t know any better. It isn’t new to say mankind fears what it doesn't understand.

So is it any surprise that the left coast is so gay friendly? However it started, a gay community coalesced in California. It wove itself into the local scene; film, the area’s most important industry. There, homosexuals worked alongside heterosexuals displaying the same work ethics, the same attitudes, and the same virtues. A casual handshake and an honest demeanor was all it took to prove we’re here, we’re queer, there’s really nothing unusual about us.

Not as catchy as what you might hear chanted at a parade, I’ll grant you.

But far more effective.

*I’ll round up.


good tune


drex said...

You definitely bring up some good points.

Also, kudos for the OC Remixes you keep linking in your posts. Some real gems in there.

playasinmar said...

Glad to know my music might end up on some other playlists somewhere. :) 1500+ where those came from!

drex said...

And I have them all. =P

You ever venture over to Dwelling of Duels and their monthly remixing competitions? I generally grab all the songs, but only end up listening to the top 6 or so, unless it's a really good month.

playasinmar said...

I try but the website isn't super well organized.

Not like OCremix, anyway.

MoHoHawaii said...

I'm with you. Being gay isn't the high-order bit. It's not the most interesting part. It's not even rare.

playasinmar said...

I mentioned the gay-friendly nature of the Left Coast but I forgot about the Left Island!