26 March 2007


the university of the blissfully united

I was created gay and I know I’m not the only one. I know in my heart of hearts that God put mortals on Earth to prove they can be true even when times are tough. Passively, He lets bad people do bad things. Actively, he hands out trials like blindness and massive flooding to test our mettle. Yet He didn’t create us to be miserable.

I wont throw love away and choose misery. Quite the opposite is true.

I know Mr. Right is out there and we’ll meet someday. Once I start looking, anyway. Hopeless romantic that I am, I can’t help feel a certain pull of destiny drawing me into the dating scene. However, the mere concept of physical intimacy is denied me. I am not a eunuch. Prick me; do I not bleed? Where then is my release?

If I can’t hold hands, date, kiss, hug, cuddle, or flirt with another man then what is to be my sexual outlet? Do I abstain? Until when? Abstinence is only abstinence when a goal is present, an end date, an objective. Without an endgame, it is celibacy: a moral no-no the church has preached against since time immemorial. "Celibacy denies a man his God-given right to procreate," they say.

I can certainly believe that celibacy is a design of the adversary. Physical intimacy is important for the emotional, physical, and spiritual health of all people. Sex is itself a critical element of the human condition and necessary for the continuation of mankind. So I don’t mean to imply that children aren’t of the utmost importance but I maintain that God has created me and others like me outside the usual formula.

So what’s our purpose, our objective? Maybe were supposed to adopt all the kids callous heterosexuals leave on firehouse door steps.* Who could be a better parent than a man outcast and abandoned by society? Who could show more love to an exile than another exile in a society of exiles?

Call us what you will: Domestically Partnered or Civilly Unionized. It’s marriage, it’s necessary, and it leads to the betterment of children, parents, and all society.

*Don’t worry about us recruiting them into the wide world of homosexuality as THAT CAN’T HAPPEN. You also need not worry that cameras will steal your souls and if you make a face when the wind changes direction you will turn into a snow cone.


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MoHoHawaii said...

I keep hearing that gay people are held to the same rules as everybody else when it comes to the law of chastity (i.e., no sex outside of heterosexual marriage).

If it's OK to cuddle, kiss and hold hands with a member of the opposite sex and if the same standard of chastity applies to folks with SSA (as they keep saying), then why is it not OK to cuddle, kiss and hold hands with a member of the same sex?

If you argue that there's a difference, then you're saying that the act itself isn't the problem, it's the intent behind it. But that contradicts the current LDS position that same-sex attraction itself is morally neutral, and that abstaining from sex outside of heterosexual marriage is what's important.

In any case, I fail to see how holding hands with someone or buying them an ice cream cone is such a big deal. Everyone should be entitled to this simple pleasure.

I hope you find Mr. Right someday, playsinmar, and take him to an amusement park where it's OK for you to hold hands an share the same ice cream cone. You'd have a great afternoon.

My Best Is All I Have said...


You're just horny and need some lovin'. Want to come down to my place for the weekend? ;P

playasinmar said...

I've been accused of worse. :P

Elbow said...

you're awesome!

Thrasius said...

If these are the conclusions that you have come to then I respect that, nevertheless, you seem to have such a fatalistic view about your life. You talk about a draw of destiny like it's real. You know every single 14 year old boy feels that same draw of destiny to fulfil his sexual desires. Do what you want, but at least recognize that it is your own choice.

playasinmar said...

I am fully aware that "fate" is not a concept we Mormons subscribe to. Talk of destiny always rubs some members the wrong way.

However, I'm talking about dating. Dating is that great Mormon institution that, if the Church is truly morally neutral with homosexuals, doesn’t violate anything in the Law of Chastity as MoHoHawaii pointed out.