15 June 2007

This Ain't a Scene

it's a gosh darn arms race

Lady Co-worker: Could you believe that guy? He would just leer at every women who walked by.

Playasinmar: All guys do that.

Lady: Not my husband!

Playa: Sure he does. You just trained him to hide it.

Lady: Men are perverts.

Playa: No they aren’t.* Men are men. That’s one of the things men do.

Lady: You don’t do that.

Playa: Yes, well [ahem] I’m well-mannered.

*Well, maybe they are. Maybe. :)


good tune


Sean said...

now...tell the truth Playa :-)

Mr. Fob said...

Oh, so that's what "well-mannered" means.

drex said...

What does that make "mild-mannered"?

playasinmar said...

"Mild-mannered" men are bisexual.

iwonder said...

Well, what a lovely group of well-mannered men we have here. We should start a club. Playasinmar, you get to be president. We now need to have elections for officers. Send in your nominations!

Kengo Biddles said...

I guess I'm "mild-mannered" then.

And playa, you're either a trekkie, or it's happenstance, but I get the whole yoots & gru'ps thing...

playasinmar said...

I don't believe in happenstance...