07 June 2007

We Are Sam. Sam We Are.

because the ones who think they’re beyond reproach are, in fact, funniest

[knock, knock]

Who’s there?


Immune, who?

Immune from being considered funny. For we have heaped upon ourselves the trials and tribulations of our people. For we are one voice and one mind. For we are many. For we are Legion.

And as much as one of us have suffered; each of us have suffered. And in as much as one of us has been scorned; each of us has been scorned. And we are to be feared when we have been scorned.*

And, in all honesty, we had no idea the pillow fight was in slow motion. We think the editors might have put that together using special effects or a special camera. Point is, we think it was done after the fact.

Um…, no. Thank you. :)

*Please, please read this article.


good tune


Scot said...

Huh? Immune? I fear my less present presence has left me unable to understand.

Nevertheless, my sides hurt from the seanbaby link. :-)

playasinmar said...

His analysis of the University of Idaho Intramural Sports Department’s basketball rules is priceless. :)

Mr. Fob said...

As an observer who doesn't necessarily want to pick sides, I will observe the following:

1. Your comments were lighthearted enough, in my opinion, and clearly no offense was intended. There is a difference between being mean and poking fun, and you were clearly doing the latter.

2. Still, I can see where she is coming from, as one of the few girls in the boys' club that is the gay Mormon blogosphere, where many of those boys are so wrapped up in their own concerns that they are blind to the concerns of others.

3. That Seanbaby article is the funniest thing I've read in a long time.

playasinmar said...

"...then I decided their sexism was a nice compliment to me and my people's basketball ability." -Seanbaby

iwonder said...

Have I told you lately how awesome I think you are?

iwonder said...

and I read the seanbaby article. Oh, the loathsome joy!

I love oscar wilde. :)

playasinmar said...

Seanbaby is King!