13 July 2007


I once worked in an open pit copper mine. Over the years the mine had been dug down one mile below the Arizona desert. It was really hot down there.
It was during my stint in that copper mine I developed my fear of Evil Mine Trucks. That’s me standing near one of the tires.
One of the gay stereotypes that I fit is my love of techno music. I have nearly 1400 techno tracks on my PC. Don’t try to cover me in glitter or expect to see me swinging glow sticks anytime soon.
I marched with a trumpet in a High School marching band that would put some DCI corps to shame. Blue Devils, I’m looking at you…
At one point just before my mission I knew every word to every song in Les Mis. To this day I’ve never seen the show.
When I was 11-years-old I began closely identifying with Alladin from the Disney musical. “His life was my life,” I thought. Today I have no idea why I thought that. I can’t imagine a single parallel in our lives.
I have never been hugged by Hug-Master Gimple. Nor have I ever seen him hug anyone…
I once threatened my little brother with a BB gun because he was swinging a fishing lure too close to me. When he didn’t stop I shot him in the leg.*
*This story is not true but I told it once at a “get to know your ward mixer” and it got a huge round of applause. Weird.

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iwonder said...

Hmm, techno. I'm not so sure about that.

Marching band? Me too! I play(ed) marching Euphonium and the Sousaphone.

I also like Le Mis. Also never seen it.

He hasn't hugged me either. :(

Did you ever tell your brother that story?

drex said...

How many of those techno tracks are from ocremix?

PS I'm good friends with FFmusic DJ. That's a good random fact. :P

Brady said...

Those trucks scare me just from the picture!

Not so sure about techno either.

Also never seen Le Mis and don't know if I would recognize any of the songs either. I feel so uncultured.

I've been hugged by Gimple, and I've seen him hug others. I don't think it's an urban legend....

playasinmar said...

At least a thousand are from OCRemix and VGmix. Most of the rest are original Bemani tracks.

Bemani forever!

Gimple said...

Playa- I give hugs all the time! You are just never there when I am giving them. I next time that I see you, I will give you a great big hug from the "hug master!"

iwonder- If I knew you, I would give you a hug. I try to give everyone a hug, because hugs are great!

PS I can't be the "hug master" until Samantha christens me the "hug master."

J G-W said...

Wow! That is one scary truck. I've actually seen Les Mis, but couldn't sing you a single line from it. When I was 11, I probably felt the same way about Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Friends of mine at school made fun of me because I liked drawing pictures of the Tin Woodsman, the Scarecrow, and the Cowardly Lion, my best friends.

Elbow said...

How did you come up with shooting your brother with a bb gun? It's very funny, but a little scary.

playasinmar said...

BB Gun: n.: A tiny gun that is very funny, but a little scary.