19 July 2007

Steps Four, Five, and Six: Well I Guess You Just Don’t Give a

and yes, I have been listening to a lot of goldfinger lately

Step One: pretend you're straight.

Step Two: ask a priesthood authority if there is more to a relationship than the physical.

Step Three: sheepishly admit you already know there is.

Step Four: clarify the question by asking, "How much more is there to a relationship. Beyond the physical, how much is really there?"

As it turns out there is more. Much more. Tons more. Decades upon decades more.

It turns out a real relationship is more than a perpetual infatuation. True love endures when the desire for sex fades. Relationships are about eternal friendships/partnerships that share everything, strengthen one another, and are a critical part of the life of every child of god.

I wonder if his response would have been different if I had clarified I was really asking about a gay relationship. But a relationship’s a relationship, right? Companionship is instinctual, isn’t it? I mean, regardless of who we’re after what we need doesn’t change, does it? I bet the Bishop would have agreed with me.*

How could he possibly not?

*The Bishop has been pestering me to start dating for a while. I bet he'll be happy to hear if I start.


good tune


J G-W said...

"are a critical part of the life of every child of god"

I wonder... Do we really learn what we came down into this life to learn if we do not permit ourselves to enter into and grow within a significant other relationship?

I know that not everyone has the opportunity to experience an intimate relationship, and I certainly agree these aren't the only lessons we've come into this life to learn. But should we really be about the business of telling people they should not even try because it is too sinful?

Elbow said...

I love Goldfinger!