25 February 2007

From Whence All Info Flows

don't suppose there be any harm in askin'

“Basically, this is the LDS church's position on homosexuality:

“Homosexual relationships will lead only to misery and despair.
Gay marriage is very very bad. No, make that very very very bad. [Emphasis mine.]

“You're welcome to try change-oriented therapy, but chances are it won't work, so we don't officially condone it.

“Marriage is probably a bad idea, and basically I wouldn't risk my daughter on one of you, but if you find someone who's willing to take you, then go ahead. Good luck. Just don't blame us when it doesn't work." - Master Fob

Master Fob is being sarcastic when he summarizes, “Marriage is probably a bad idea…,” but I think he hits the nail on the head. The church’s opposition to gay marriage and promotion of celibacy is rooted in the church’s lack of understanding of homosexuality.

Actually, I don't think the church really understands anything about homosexuality. Sure, they go on and on about how it's evil and how it leads to bestiality. They say it is caused, or at least spurred on, by masturbation. They refer to it as an attraction. They say it is rooted in pure selfishness. They say it can be cured with marriage. Or by playing baseball. Or by electro-shock therapy. They say gay youth just need to "fool around" with girls. They say homosexuality is merely an adjective and excommunicate anyone who uses it as a noun. They say it can’t be cured with marriage. Nor by electro-shock therapy. Nor by going on a mission. They refer to homosexuals as "gay." They say a self-identified homosexual can remain in the church if he remains celibate. They say they are not experts on this subject. They say it can't be cured, usually. They say some people will struggle with same sex attraction all their lives.*

This information was given with the best of intentions but it wasn‘t gathered in good faith. They make their best guess and try to squeeze all new information into old understanding. When they say “we don't understand these things,” it means their hearts aren't open enough to hear the answer. Perhaps they haven’t even asked the question. Maybe they don’t want to ask.

If science hasn’t yet figured homosexuality out to their satisfaction then perhaps they should look elsewhere for answers.

*Some people say they will be same sex attracted and struggle with the church all their lives.


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-L- said...


It would be nice if they said something a little more affirmative on the subject once in a while. You'd think they could, you know, go to the source. But I guess God may not be talking on the subject for His own good reasons. I dunno?

Chris said...

I don't know, L. He's talking to me.

Trev said...

Wow. So, you apparently stopped blogging (crying shame) long ago, and this post is ancient; who knows if you will even read it. Still, wow, this is the most on-the-spot identification and clearsighted analysis of the actual Church position I have seen. I am impressed and had to say so.