16 May 2007

2 Categorize and 2 Conquer

her skin, white as the cleanest snow, eyes closed in tranquillity

For the most part, there are two types of posts in the Bloggernacle. First, there are sad posts by sad people being sad. Comments for these posts are usually members of the community patting each other on the back and sending e-hugs.

These posts can be seen as generally constructive because the emotions expressed would probably remain destructively hidden without a blog to turn to. Everyone needs to let off some emotional steam once in a while.
What to Look for: emoticons, e-hugs, run-on sentences

The other common post features Mormons angry with Mormons because they aren't Mormon enough or aren't making Mormon-ish decisions.* Comments for these posts are usually loud proclamations of the blogger's genius or stupidity. The term "stupidity" is never actually used. The offended party will lash out by loudly playing the victim. This sets pity against the insensitive barbarian who caused such harm.

These posts can be seen as generally seen as constructive because, as homosexual Mormons, we must keep our skill for being wounded by the ignorance of society razor-sharp. You never know when it might come in handy.
What to Look for: z-snapping, abuse of caps lock, run-on sentences

*Other posts you might find are poetry, conversation transcripts, and Max flirting with me.


good tune


Scot said...

Hey! I’ve never written a run-on sentence (lately), but I know I’ve whined. So where does that leave your classification, hmm? I PROCLAIM IT TO BE STUPI… wait no… A MISUNDERSTANDING ON YOUR PART. e-hugs

Stephen said...

Bloggernaccle... What a concept...

Mr. Fob said...

Dammit, Scot beat me to my comment. Seriously, I was going to say exactly that, word for word. The jerk.

Anonymous said...

I had a good laugh reading this post. So true...both kind of posts have a
therapeautic effect on those who write them, and on those who read them.

sean said...

i agree with mr. fob. scot, the jerk :) beat us to the punch.

group e-hug all around though.

playasinmar said...

I just noticed all the Superstar Bloggers are the one's commenting.