03 May 2007

Due North

like any organization worth it's salt, it makes slugs uncomfortable

Out of nowhere, -L- has blindsided us with an incredible new endeavor. A special blog "...where we and our readers can openly explore and discuss topics and issues of interest to the LDS community—and particularly as they relate to homosexuality and the Church—in an edifying and uplifting manner and within the framework of commitment to the beliefs and ideals of the Church."

At first it seemed like an exclusive members-only country club surrounded by straight lawn jockeys. This may have been my impression since I wasn't initially invited to participate. All drama aside*, the blog is a stroke of genius and everyone involved with it's development deserves to be commended. Imagine: a resource focused on homosexuality and the Mormon viewpoint anchored to a blog community with a well-written "be nice" policy!

It has some mountains to climb to gain the legitimacy that will give it the attention it needs to fulfill it's mission. To bad that legitimacy can only be granted by the larger, straight, Bloggernacle community. You know the type, worried that Barq's might change it's Utah recipie to re-include caffiene, worries that someone, somewhere might have seen 300, and knows it's not okay to accept gays because doing so promotes the (mythical) "Gay Lifestyle."

I'm ok with Northern Lights. I'm glad to be a part of it. I'm tired, to be brutally honest, of the gays who only talk about the trial of living all the principles of the gospel and who speak endlessly of keeping the covenants they've made. They seek to make it true by vain repitition and can't stop shouting it to everyone loud enough and often enough that they can finally convince themselves they are "true to what matters most."

I didn't choose to be gay either but I am one who has chosen to be faithful to what God made me, to keep the covenants I've made, and to try to be an example to the younger guys out there that you can actually be happy, be active in the Church, have the feelings all mortal men have, and be happy - all at the same time!

*It's worth reading the comments to see how many times I can get offended in a mere two hours!


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Mormon Enigma said...

I hope I've never said anything to offend you.

playasinmar said...

A: There's no harm in saying something controversial as long as we're not disparaging one another’s character.

B: You've never said anything to offend me. Feel free to try. :P

Scot said...

…with a well-written "be nice" policy!

I’ve been surprised though how rare mean is around these parts, particularly when the topics are generally controversial; seems limited to the occasional anonymous comment. My comments aside, of course.

And Playasinmar’s character is hereby disparaged. Yeah, I went there.

Mormon Enigma said...

You've never said anything to offend me. Feel free to try.

That sounds like a challenge :)

playasinmar said...

"Mean" is rare. "Hot-headed" is more common. Nevertheless, the aforementioned character assassination and z-snapping are best if left to people with nothing important to say.

And to The Enigma I say, "Bring it." Nothing I've posted is off limits for discussion. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm impressed by your blog. Have I said that already?

playasinmar said...

Thank you, Swan! I'm a fan of your work as well!

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's not work. ;)