26 October 2007

X-ed Men

someone else beat me to the punch in posting these videos. sorry someone else, I don't mean to steal your thunder.

I know a good mix of gay guys. Some are young some are old. Some have been out for years and some are just starting to come out. Some of them are celibate* and some have boyfriends. Some live in their parent's basement and some cross-dress with women's jeans. It's the usual mix, I suppose.

I don't know a single ex-gay, though. It's one category I've never been acquainted with. I do know several straight-married gays but not a single one of them identifies as "ex-gay." They're more likely to describe themselves as "committed to a straight relationship" then "ex-gay."

Finally someone has come along to explain the ex-gays to me.

Thank you, Jon Stewart and Jason Jones. I finally understand the ex-gay phenomenon.

*A temporary condition if ever there was one.


good tune


drex said...

Awesome. (:

playasinmar said...

"Listen, I'm no expert but I don't think that's how they do it."

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