22 November 2007


five things I’m thankful for

An evening’s rest without the need of my crazy-noisy space heater.

The opportunity to come out to everyone I care about* and meeting so many of the fine gay men here.

The mysterious lack of flak I’ve been getting from my family over being gay. Honestly, I appreciate but did not anticipate their flexibility over this announcement.

The fine musicians over at OCRemix who provide this blog’s soundtrack.

The flattery of a ranking tool that thinks I’m really, really cool:

cash advance

*Except the one aunt who scares the ever-livin' tar out of me. She's nice but kind of a... um, zealot.


good tune


One of So Many said...

Families always surprise you with their reactions. At least it's not negative.

playasinmar said...

- negative = positive
You won’t hear me complaining.


plantagenet said...

2 things on my list:

Roommates and friends who know, understand, and respect me.

A nice place with a view and just enough space.

playasinmar said...

Space is important. Especially when roommates are involved!

Jake said...

Love the Castlevania remix! So many memories of playing with whips. ;)

J G-W said...

I'm thankful too.

(Despite the fact that MY blog is only HIGH SCHOOL level reading.)